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Velos Group Sales Lead Management Survey

Every year, The Velos Group solicits feedback from its clients, website guests, e-zine recipients, the public, and Webinar participants and tallies the results ... on and ongoing basis.

If you have a sales organization (large or small) we encourage you to participate in the Velos Sales Lead Management Issues & Concerns One-Minute Survey. It's FREE

The survey is quick and provides great insight into the changing state of health of  the participating SMB’s sales performance and processes.  On average, between 150-300 responding companies participated.

The survey includes topics covering:

Demographics - Does This Look Like Your Company?

  1. Number of Direct Sales People
  2. Respondents included Presidents, CEOs and Sales/marketing executives

Generic Stats - Would These Responses Represent You?

  1. Respondents can’t or don't track ROI for their Marketing programs
  2. Respondents were unhappy with their current Sales Force Automation (SFA)-Customer Relationship Management (CRM) software
  3. Companies don't qualify their marketing inquiries before sending to sales
  4. Companies had no formal process to forecast sales

Company Shortcomings - Do You Fit In Here?

  1. Inability to track the Return on Investment of their Marketing programs
  2. Inability to consistently receive feedback on lead status from Sales 
  3. Companies operate with a departmental “silo mentality” and don't align the goals and objectives of Sales and Marketing
  4. Few companies do not document or streamline their sales lead management processes and procedures
  5. More than 1/2 of the responding companies did not track the ROI  
  6. Companies reported that they still do not qualify their sales leads before they send them to their Sales organization
  7. Many companies still don’t use an automated Sales Force Automation (SFA)-Customer Relationship Management (CRM) application.

Every year the Velos Sales Lead Management Survey proves that companies using SFA/CRM have a more successful and productive sales organization, and they close a higher percentage of their leads than companies that do not use this software.  If you don't have a SFA-CRM plan that works, shouldn't you?

The Velos Sales Lead Management Survey respondents are typically smaller companies with a lot of room for improvomg their sales lead management practices. By spending time and resources in this critical business area, companies can increase sales, allocate marketing resources more efficiently and accurately forecast their sales ... all helping them survive difficult economic times.

Why not participate in the Velos Sales Lead Management Issues & Concerns One-Minute Survey right now?

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