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CRM Really Matters to Your Small Company ... It Helps You Grow in 2013 and Ads Needed Value

Many of our clients have told us that with only a small sales force, they get along just fine without spending a limited budget on sophisticated Sales Lead Management or Sales Force Automation software. A significant number of them feel as if they can “Run the business in their heads.”  This may have been true five years ago, but the marketplace is drastically changing. 

Small companies will not only greatly benefit from establishing strong CRM Processes and procedures; they must take a stand and incorporate it into their business. 

Why They Need CRM Software

1. CRM is the glue that keeps the sales, marketing and customer service process together; used consistently and with discipline, it helps ensure that nothing falls through the cracks. All inquiries and leads are entered and accounted for as they make their way through the sales process. Everyone who needs to know what’s going on at an account will have access to it; potentially eliminating any embarrassing miss-communications. 

2. CRM software and the security helps keep your valuable customer and prospect information safe even when a sales rep is unavailable or leaves the company. Ultimately, this important information is a corporate asset and is protected as such. One of the big benefits of this approach is the faster ramp up time for a new sales rep; they won’t have to start working their territory from scratch. Who are our best accounts? Which prospects should we call on first? Are there any we should avoid? Why? These are all questions that can be answered and enable new reps to quickly become productive. 

3. Sales Accountability/Management visibility

Set up and used properly, it can enforce sales accountability without having a Sales Manager overseeing the reps routine everyday. This includes: number of calls being made; how many of them are over the phone and how many are face-to-face meetings? These statistics can be quickly and easily tabulated daily, weekly and by sales rep or the whole sales team. 


Every company, small, medium and large, can significantly increase the value of their organization by automating best-in-class CRM processes and procedures. By setting up your CRM software to reflect your company’s requirements, sales revenues will increase along with their consistency and predictability. These are easy to implement, cost effective ways to increase the value of your company.

 ~ Mark Friedman Velos Group President

For more information on this topic, call Mark at 714-544-1003 or email Mark: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.


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