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Sales Lead Management - Back to the Basics

Lead Management is a formal process that defines how a business generates, qualifies, distributes and follows up on sales leads. Most important … it creates a pipeline of opportunities for any sales team.

Lead management systems vary widely and can consist of spreadsheets and manual follow-up or have a fully-integrated automated program with a company’s operating system. So, when companies implement a formal process around leads, everyone involved knows exactly what is expected and can actually increase lead conversion by as much as 18 percent.

Establishing an effective and affordable lead management system requires:

  1. Lead Generation: A marketing term referring to the creation or generation of prospective consumer interest or inquiry into a business’ products or services.
  2. Lead Qualification: Helps determine whether a lead is real (and ready for sales consumption) or not. Qualifying questions help to categorize a lead’s position in the buying cycle which determines the best time to give to Sales.
  3. Nurturing: Gives educated buyers relevant information about your products or services. “Automated Nurturing” is a series of interactions that bring a client from interest to a closed sale based on predetermined triggers.
  4. Lead Distribution/ Territory Management: Sends sales leads to the right entity. Established rules that to determine where a lead goes when ready for Sales’ attention. Rules consider: product interest, vertical markets, and/or geographic sales territories. Once territories are defined, Sales Reps are assigned leads.
  5. Tracking and Reporting: Enables benchmarking the success level of marketing campaigns, lead sources, sales territories, and sales conversions for ROI.

When Sales and Marketing use different management tools within a company it always results in inefficiencies and lost prospecting data. Understanding lead management and how an automated system meets your individual business needs allow Marketing and Sales to become more productive and profitable. If your company is losing prospects – or worse yet – can’t identify them, you need to think seriously about evaluating your sales lead program.

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