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Improve How You Get, Keep and Grow Customers With Velos CRM-360

Velos CRM-360 Assessment: A Web-based Diagnostic Survey that Isolates and Prioritizes Opportunities

Maximizing your organization’s revenue growth requires management to isolate business issues and identify the process improvements critical to your success, while identifying the specific technology solutions that will enable you to implement them.

The Velos Group offers an easy, affordable way for you to isolate and prioritize all of the customer relationship management weaknesses within your marketing, sales and customer service operations: The CRM-360 Assessment.


  1. Provides a comprehensive, structured, empirical approach to uncovering all of the opportunities to improve the effectiveness and efficiency of your marketing, sales and customer service operations.
  2. Helps you to build consensus among all of your customer management stakeholders with regard to your current situation and the approach you should take to managing customer relationships going forward.
  3. Focuses CRM technology evaluation process on your areas of greatest need.
  4. Improves the morale of all of your customer-facing personnel by giving everyone the opportunity to provide valuable input.

Our web-based CRM-360 survey helps identify critical weaknesses such as:

  • Process deficiencies and productivity obstacles,
  • Incomplete, inaccurate and inaccessible information &
  • The lack of timely performance feedback.

Weaknesses that are negatively affecting your organization’s ability to:

  • Create demand for its products and services
  • Manage and qualify sales leads
  • Close sales opportunities
  • Process and fill sales orders
  • Serve and support customers
CRM-360 Reports clear, concise “Views” that specify:

Current Situation View - helps quickly identify CRM process areas where improvements can be made.
  • The survey is accessible directly from an Intranet site or an e-mail web link
  • Survey participants simply “click” on each answer choice
  • “Filter” the results by Department and Job Level
Gap Analysis Summary View - helps uncover CRM areas of greatest need.
Gap Analysis Detail View - helps identify highest priority CRM issues.

  • Gap analysis graphs visually display your CRM areas of greatest need
  • “Click” a Gap value to view the specific weaknesses within each area
  • Survey response detail is available for display and analysis
  • View all the comments input by the survey participants
  • View all of the specific process questions and their scores
  • Color-coding and numeric scoring help to identify and prioritize each CRM issue
Top 10 View - helps identify and analyze Top 10 CRM strengths and weaknesses.

  • Analyze either your top 10 CRM strengths or weaknesses
  • Overall rankings will help build consensus among all of your CRM stakeholders
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