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Herding “Sales” Cats: Sales Methodology - Blog Part 2 - Follows December 6th Blog ...

If your sales methodology places an emphasis on certain tasks being performed or information being gathered, this should also become custom fields on the Sales Opportunity record.

Once this is all in place, then specific reports need to be created and monitored to ensure the Methodology is being employed aggressively. It is critical that Management should lead discussions and ask questions using this information.  

Increase Sales Accountability - Manage Sales Activity

Well designed SFA software and its disciplined use can help Sales Management better understand where Sales Reps are spending their time and who they are calling on.  As Sales Reps use the SFA software to log significant calls and meetings with their customers and prospects, management reporting can be generated without asking the sales reps to provide separate off-line reports that take away from their selling time.

Additionally, many companies have implemented an account tiering plan (Platinum, Gold, Silver or A, B, C, etc.) that identifies their largest, most strategic Customers and Prospects. These companies then define the type and frequency of interaction they expect from their sales reps for these accounts. By using the SFA software, management can create the following targeted reports to keep track of the these larger accounts:

Reports to track interaction with tiered accounts

  1. Number/Results of Phone Calls
  2. Number of Emails sent, by Subject
  3. Number of Meetings
  4. Open Sales Opportunities
  5. Closed Sales Opportunities
  6. Customer Service Events by Date/Status

Watch for our next blog which wraps up the "Herding Sales Cats" Sales Methodology series.

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