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CRM-360 On-Line Assessment

Optimize Marketing, Sales and Customer Service

Revenue growth and bottom-line improvement require understanding what your business issues are and mapping a plan to optimize them. Our on-line, innovative and objective survey helps identify the process improvements necessary for your success and the technology solutions needed for implementation.

CRM Areas Targeted:

  • Lead Generation
  • Lead Management
  • Opportunity Management
  • Sales Team Efficiency
  • Sales Team Management & Coaching
  • Marketplace Intelligence
  • Order Processing and Fulfillment
  • Customer Service
  • Customer Service Team Efficiency
  • Customer Service Management & Coaching

Measure Performance - Top Ten CRM Key Activities


The Velos Group CRM-360 Assessment:

  • Clarifies the importance of your CRM resources and investments
  • Identifies potential high-priority CRM issues

Proven Benefits:

  • Comprehensive, structured, and empirical tactic for uncovering the improvement effectiveness and efficiency of your marketing, sales and customer service operation’s opportunities
  • Consensus among all CRM stakeholders about current situation and the recommended CRM strategy 
  • Focused technology evaluation assessing your areas of greatest need
  • Customer-facing morale boost for employee’s gaining positive two-way communications

Identifies Critical Weaknesses:

  • Process deficiencies
  • Productivity obstacles
  • Incomplete information
  • Inaccurate information
  • Inaccessible information
  • Lack of timely performance feedback

CRM-360 Assessment Will Improve Your Ability to:

  • Create demand for products and services
  • Manage and qualify sales leads
  • Close sales opportunities
  • Process and fill sales orders
  • Serve and support customers

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