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Sales Force Automation Project Management:

Initial Processing – as inquiries are generated from various marketing activities, the manner and speed in which they are data entered into a prospect database determine how the respondent will perceive your company.  Allow for sophisticated back-end reporting that can answers the question:

  • Which marketing programs are working to most cost-effectively generate qualified sales leads?
  • Which programs are contributing to the sales organizations’ success?

Inquiry Qualification – The Velos Group has demonstrated that only qualified sales leads should be distributed to the sales force.

Lead Distribution – Leads have a shelf-life and the faster they are delivered to the ultimate lead owner, the better the company looks to the prospect and the odds increase they will be able to more aggressively shape the nature and details of the sales conversation. When this happens, sales reps have a better chance of closing the deal.

Work the Lead – Using sophisticated Sales Force Automation techniques, it is possible to provide your sales team with a powerful and easy-to-use system to:

  • Manage their prospect contacts
  • Manage their sales opportunities
  • Reduce the time it takes to create forecast reports
  • Eliminate the requirement for lead status checks (which are very unproductive uses of a sales reps’ time)
  • Define actionable management reports that help you run the business more efficiently and effectively

How We Do It:

The Velos Group will conduct a Sales Lead Management Needs Assessment.  We take an in-depth look at your Sales Lead Management processes, procedures and tools that directly affect the generation, qualification and working of sales leads as well as reporting to determine the ROI of each marketing activity.

This assessment will be conducted through a proprietary survey completed by key stakeholders, including Sales, Marketing and upper level management. In addition, on-site interviews/meetings will be held.

Implementing the recommendations of such an assessment will result in more sales and increased sales productivity while reducing the overall cost of sales. The sales force will experience a steady stream of qualified leads and will spend more time selling and less time engaged in low-impact, administrative activities. Marketing will gain the information needed to determine which marketing programs are working best to generate qualified sales leads and the costs associated with each program.

Accelerate Your Sales Results!

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