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Sales Lead Management Process Optimization

The Velos Group works closely with your team to help identify and acquire the ideal prospects.

We help you incorporate Lead Management techniques into your Marketing Activities (advertising, direct mail, trade shows, etc.) and implement time-proven successful Response Management strategies.

These strategies accelerate the time from initial inquiry to qualified prospect delivered to your sales force and the cornerstone of this activity is Lead Qualification.  Through the use of either existing Sales Force Automation systems or designing new ones for you, our promise is that you receive substantive feedback regarding the quality and disposition of the qualified leads.

Our process optimization process generates reports that assist marketing in determining which activities are generating the most/best qualified leads and those that are the most cost-effective. 

  1. Decreased time - from inquiry receipt to first sales response
  2. Decreased sales cycle time
  3. More sales
    • Motivated sales team
    • Improved bottom line

Process-Driven, Systems Approach

A well-defined sales lead management process is a combination of process-driven methodology and technology implementation. It enables you to define and implement a sales process that ensures more objective input to the Sales Force Automation (SFA) or Customer Relationship Management (CRM) software.

Benefits of documenting and implementing standard sales processes in conjunction with responsive technology include:

• Shorter sell cycles
• Increased win rates
• Shorter startup times for new salespeople
• Improved forecasting accuracy
• Reduced cost of sales
• Reduced discounting
• Higher percentage of salespeople achieving or exceeding quota
• Integrating marketing and sales efforts

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